From My Corner

Being a retired pastor, my frame of reference in my last almost 50 years now, has been the Word of God, the Bible. We don’t have a local church anymore. We did in the Valley at one time. But being a pastor doesn’t go away, because I was born with it; it is just Loving People. So one of my outlets now is Facebook. Almost 10 years ago, I had a valve replacement at St. Paul’s Hospital, and everything went wrong. In the process, I got an infection which put me on dialysis as my kidneys failed; this was for three months. During that time, a good friend of mine, offered me a word of comfort from the Bible because the doctors and staff there did not think I would make it under those conditions. This friend of mine offered me this word of comfort from the scriptures and it went like this: “You shall not die, you shall live to declare the goodness of the Lord.” And guess what, within a few weeks I was sent home and eventually got off dialysis. So now I am on the internet! I have 2 kidneys which equal the strength of 1, but I am healthy and enjoying my life, even though I have disabilities. I love my family: my wife, my kids, and my eight grandkids; they are great!! I feel very happy that I have these venues to be able to share some good and encouraging memories and words from time to time. May God bless and refresh you on this day with this word for today: God Loves You all very much!


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