A Spiritual Awakening on a Hunting Trip

In the 60s, many years ago, there were two policemen who used to patrol the Vancouver streets in the East End, where there were many homeless, drug addicts, prostitutes, and many people who had fallen through the cracks. One of the policemen was a regular family man, married, and with three young teenagers at home. Many times he would pass by the soup kitchen. As he saw all the activity and the depressing hopelessness and the sad needs of many lives in there, he became depressed. Even to the point of ending it all. As he looked at the future for his kids and family, he would wonder what life is all about. In the fall, the two policemen went on a hunting trip together up north of Prince George somewhere. They stayed in a small log cabin in the bush. One day, this policeman we are talking about opened up the cupboard door to reach in and get some mugs out for coffee. At his eye level was the top shelf, and there was a little strip of paper glued onto the edge of the shelf, a little strip no more than 2 inches long, and in fine print it said “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved.” Right there, in this very unexpected way this policeman had the Lord touch him in his spirit and He revealed himself to him! In an instant, he was renewed! One word! Of course, he could not explain anything to his partner, who wondered what was going on with him. But he was so excited and convinced that God could speak to him through a small word in that way, that he saw everything in a different way – it had opened his eyes so that the sun could shine brighter, the grass and the trees were greener – everything was more vibrant! This man went home after this hunting trip a changed man in his heart. He went back home and went to started to volunteer serving in the food line, and his depression left and he had great hope for his children and everything – it changed everything around! It was an inside change for him. We see from that there was no force, and no effort on his part; it was just the mercy of the Lord who spoke to him as he read those few little words and the power of God changed his whole life and his family’s life. He then had a new excitement for his job and was full of joy, and new compassion and love for the lost in his work on his patrol and he would share the good news with many of them.
I love this story because I had a similar, life-changing touch from the Lord 50 years ago. It shows us all how great His mercy and love is towards any one of us! God bless you as you enjoy Him; he loves you all very, very much. You can expect Great Things in your life because He loves you very, very much!!

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