One Man’s Way of Overcoming Discouragement

Many of us have times of discouragement. Some of it comes from dealing with children, moms being home alone with their kids, loneliness, dealing with addictions, dealing with finances, sickness and diseases, emotional hurts and pains etc. It can be a natural reaction to events in our lives. Many years ago, there was an advertisement for a meeting in an auditorium in New York City. A well-known, well-respected author and missionary from India (whose writings are still well-known and enjoyed today) was going to make a speech. The large auditorium was full and packed with people. His talk that night was to be about how to Deal with Discouragement. This missionary’s name was Earl Stanley Jones. He had every reason to feel discouraged within himself: He was a missionary in India, with all the overwhelming needs, sickness, disease in the country at that time. He walked onto the stage in that auditorium that day after he was introduced, and with a clear voice, this is what he said: “I have never had a day of discouragement in the past 25 years of my life.” Of course, the crowd was very quiet, probably thinking, who have we got here? Either he is the world’s best liar, or he has been on another planet for 25 years! Well then, what happened was, Mr. Jones went on to explain to the attentive crowd how at that time, 25 years earlier, he overcame. He explained that being so depressed and discouraged one day, Mr. Jones had laid on the floor, with his face in his hands, crying to himself about all the weights and these burdens going on his life at that time, when he felt a tapping on the back of his shoulders, with a gentle voice saying to him, “Turn all these burdens and problems over to Me, and let Me carry them and handle them.” Startled, he got up from the floor, he looked around, no one was there, and he said okay Lord, and never had a day of discouragement in 25 years since.
Hey have a good day everybody. God loves you! He cares for you. He created humans in his own image and he loves you very much!!!

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