Freedom From Fear & Guilt

Years ago I was trained to be a volunteer to visit and pray for people in Palliative Care (which is where people are placed in their last days of life on earth). While I was there, I discovered that their main concerns were: Fear and guilt. Fear mostly of the unknown, and death itself. And then guilt – they would see their lives’ misdeeds and mistakes they made in the past sailing before them, and experienced guilt. I could understand clearly what their concerns were, because at a younger age myself, having being tormented by those two issues, fear and guilt, I was wonderfully delivered and freed from the torment when I accepted Jesus as my Savior!
Now, one of my best times is when I listen to a special song on YouTube – called “I’m Free” sung by Lynda Randle. It reminds me and refreshes me again of the Great Grace & Mercy of God!!
May His Blessings of Mercy and Grace be upon you abundantly today, because He truly Loves you again and again!!!

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