May God Bless My Friend

My daughter and I were having a coffee at the mall recently. Then I made the decision to go home by bus. My daughter wanted to accompany me home on the bus. I said sure. My daughter is a gentle, caring, loving person. She has had cancer and chemo a few years ago, but she is healed now! Of course, she loves the Lord very much. But she doesn’t care for loud noises and shouting!! At the exit of the mall, there is a ramp for wheelchairs and walkers etc. to lead up to the bus shelter, perfect for me and my walker. It is about 100 feet on an up-slope. When we got out the door of the mall and onto the bottom of the ramp, we could hear a noise and a kerfuffle up ahead in the middle of the ramp; it looked like a jam-up, but we decided to go up anyway. It seemed to be, to my eyes, a red blob from a distance! We got a little closer; it was an elderly lady bent over her grocery cart, who could not make it up the ramp anymore! She was at a dead stop and would not budge. When I got near to her, I asked her if I could help her. She was making yes and no sounds and gestures. I said, “Maybe do you want an ambulance?” and she yelled “Nooooo!!”. My daughter was behind her and was pointing at the phone and asking if she should call an ambulance, and the lady was shouting louder, “NOOOO ambulance!!!!!” She just wanted a push. So I got behind her with my walker, and I don’t know what part I was pushing, but she was bent in half, poor thing! And she was growling and grumping, and shouting “NO ambulance” and my daughter who does not like a lot of noise, backed off about 30 feet from us and was waving at me and pointing at the cell phone to get help! I kept asking the lady, do you want a taxi, ambulance or doctor, etc. and she said “Nooooo!” and it seemed that she just wanted a push up the ramp because her legs were sore. This lady had a bright red jacket on, and a bright red tam from the 1914-18 War that nurses used to wear, with a little tip on top…. and red runners!
So anyway, I kept pushing her, and down the ramp running towards us came a young man with a bright blue jacket and I asked him, “Are you a doctor?” Well, the lady heard the word “doctor” and that did not go too well with her! I didn’t know, but the nice man couldn’t talk English, so he got behind me and he was pushing on my back with his fingertips not to hurt me. After some huffs and puffs and growls, our “train” made it to the top of the ramp by the bus shelter. The bus shelter had benches and there were about a dozen people sitting there waiting for the bus. Well, when they saw our colorful “train” coming at them, and the “engine” was huffing, puffing, and growling, it immediately cleared the bench of people right out!! They flew away, like birds flying off a clothesline! The bench was clear, the lady plopped down exhausted, and I plopped down, also tired, beside her. I was the only person sitting on the bench with her! Everyone took off… By this time, her little red tam was twisted a bit, and she was peeking at me with one eye, and she hollered at me, “What do YOU want?” And I innocently said my usual saying, “Praise the Lord, we made it!” She said, “Lord? I am an atheist, there IS no God!” And my daughter was nervously standing, leaning against the fire hydrant, 30 feet away, pointing at her phone and watch, indicating we are missing the bus!! But I couldn’t leave the lady alone there!! In the meantime, I was trying to befriend her with a few gentle words, and make sure she was okay before we left her, but she was still growly and suspicious and asking what I wanted. I asked her her name, and she said “Never mind”. She did tell me though that she was born in Switzerland, lived alone, had no husband, no kids, no family, and kept repeating she was an atheist.
At that moment, I was thinking to myself, being a senior myself of my age, how fortunate and blessed I am to have known the Lord Jesus who is the Prince of Peace and the Savior of the World, at this Christmas time, for the past 50 years! What a blessing! Yet, for my new-found friend, I felt sad for her that she was so unhappy and angry at life and God, and seemed to suffer from rejection, abandonment, and hopelessness.
So, very shortly, I told her we had to leave to get our bus and I offered to get her a taxi, but she said “No, going home by bus.” She was becoming more friendly with me as time went on, and I just told her she was a Child of God and He loved her very much!! Then we left. While my daughter and I were going home on the bus, we were reminiscing about the Lord’s Mercy, His Grace, and His Love, which is what the Christmas Season is all about!
Jesus is always standing at the door knocking. All we have to do is open the door of our hearts by faith and let Him in!! Remember, God loves you very, very much!!
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and all your families!!

The Love of Father God

There is a story I want to share from the scriptures to show us about how much God loves us. It goes like this – there was a very rich father with two sons. His younger son comes to his father and he says “Dad I would like my inheritance, I want to go on my own way.” So his father gives him his inheritance. His father then sees him walking down the road to a foreign land. There, the younger son makes a lot of friends because he has a lot of money. He has lots of parties, and has a great time. Finally, he runs out of money and runs out of friends. There is a famine in the land and there is no work. So he finds himself homeless. Then he walks down to a pig farm on the outskirts of town, and works there for his food. He is eating the corn husks that are fed to the pigs, and is living in the pig barn. One day, he came to his senses, and then he said to himself “What am I doing here? My father is very rich over there and has servants who are better off than me, and more well off than me! So I am going to go back to my father’s house and I am going to ask him if I can get a job as one of his servants.” So this younger son left the pig farm and when he got up the road leading to his dad’s house, his father, who had been looking down out of his house every day for his son, recognized him from a distance, and ran down the driveway to hug and kiss his son, and welcomed him back!!! So the father, so excited, got his servants to bring his younger son in the house and clean him up, put a Robe on him, a Ring on his finger, and Shoes on his feet (this shows the level of love, honor and authority he put on the son! The Grace & Mercy of that Father on his Son!) The father tells the servant, “Go butcher the fatted calf, and get the musical orchestra ready, we are going to have a barbeque and a big welcome party for him, because My Son was Lost and Dead and now He is Alive!!!”

Now, the elder son of this rich Father, was in the fields working when he heard all the party going on. He came in the house and he asked his father “What is going on?” The Dad said “My son was dead, and he is back!!!!” The older son got angry, and said, “What about me? I never did what he did and I worked for you all my life here. You never put on a party for me!” The father said to his eldest son, “You are always with me, and EVERYTHING I have is yours!! But my son was dead and now he is ALIVE!”

When the younger son was coming up the road, and he saw his dad running towards him, he was afraid and probably thought his father was angry with him and would say “What did you do with all your money, what kind of a stunt did you pull on me” and all that, and he would be very angry with him. INSTEAD, the father hugged him and was kissing him, and said “Welcome back, you were LOST & DEAD but now you are ALIVE!!!”

Many of us struggle in our lives with unforgivable issues. But we see here how the great LOVE, MERCY, AND FORGIVENESS OF GOD pardons us, no matter how many times we fail. It is always available to us. He never gives up on us; we are His children forever! That is a perfect demonstration of the love of God for each one of us. It is not that difficult, it is just to ask Him and He will Fly down the Driveway to HUG & KISS us!!! That is God’s Forgiveness & Mercy!

Jesus is always standing at the door knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let Him in!! Remember God loves you very, very much.

Blessed Assurance

There was a father and his son who were great pals, the best of buddies, and had a great relationship. The young fellow married a Christian girl, and he converted to her faith. This groom’s father whom he loved very, very much (and the father loved his son very, very much), as a protective dad, was a bit skeptical about his son’s new faith. Of course, the son really wanted his dad to understand what he was involved in and to be part of it. That was the son’s prayer of his heart. The son had heard the scripture, Acts 16:31 which says “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved, you and your household.” That was the desire of the son’s heart, for his dad!

The son and his wife were driving to the airport in New York one day to take a plane, when they got a flat tire! Due to the flat tire, they missed their flight. At about the same time, the plane that they were supposed to be on crashed into the Twin Towers. This was the 9/11 Disaster!! The father phoned his son, hoping that his son never got on that airplane! The father was quite excited, ecstatic when he heard his son’s voice and that they never got on the plane. It happened that the father, being a retired fireman, told his son that he was going out there to the Towers to help out. Sadly, John the Father Fireman, died in that disaster, helping people there. The son felt broken-hearted; he was unsure that his prayers had been answered about his dad concerning that scripture he had about his family. He was very worried and depressed about it, that he would never see him again, and he questioned God about the whole event.

Then several months later, there was a knock at the door of the son’s house. In walked this lady with a young baby boy. She introduced herself and told the couple that she had found out that his father John was the fireman who had saved her life during the 9/11 disaster. This lady was pregnant and working in the Tower at the time of the disaster, and his dad carried her down several flights of stairs to safety. When she got to the bottom of the stairs, she asked him his name, and he said “John.” John had wanted to go back up to save more people, but she asked him if she could pray with him. He agreed and they knelt down at the bottom of the stairs somewhere in the dust, and she prayed with him to accept Jesus and he did. Then John went back up the building to rescue more people. She told the son that she had named her little baby boy after John, who had saved her life! Well, of course, upon hearing all this, the son jumped with joy that God had answered his prayers concerning his dad!

What we know from this story, is that God’s ways are not our ways. Sometimes when we get a flat tire, we see it as a major inconvenience. Of course, the father dying was grievous for the son, but knowing that he had accepted the Savior and entered eternal life made his day, and that was the answer to his prayers.

When I heard this story, I thought to myself even, boy that is terrible, what a lot of pain there. But then when I heard the end, and the assurance that the father entered eternity with Jesus, it was God’s Mercy!!!

We may never know what the future is for that Little John, but we can believe that God never makes mistakes!

I get from this too that everything that happens in our lives, we are in the palm of His hands, and everything that happens to us ends up for our own good. “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those that Love God…” Romans 8:28. We can be rest assured when hard times happen in our lives, knowing that the Love, the Mercy, and the Grace of God are way above ALL that we experience which comes against us.

Remember when things happen, God loves you all very, very much!