Keeping Our Faith To The End

In life, we go through many tests. Life brings an abundance of trials and adversities. In the story of Job in the Bible, we see probably the greatest testings of all time happen to one man and his family!! But through that, we see that God is in charge of it all! We know the end! And to us believers, the “end” is really the “Beginning” of Eternal Life, spending eternity with HIM!! No matter what the test or adversity may be, the “end” is the greatest future ever!! Job was a rich man with a great family of seven sons and three daughters, and his wife. He was very rich with livestock, servants and everything. He just loved God and God loved him.
One day the angels and Satan came up to God in His presence, and God asked Satan “Where did you come from?” (as if he didn’t know! :). Satan answered Him saying, “I come from roaming the earth” and God said to him, “Have you considered my good man Job?” Satan said “Yes, but he loves you very much because of all that you have done for him! But give me permission to take a few things away from him and let’s see what happens then!” Then he took off and went back to earth to torture Job. All of Job’s belongings were wiped out and all Job’s children were wiped out as well. Everything was wiped out in Job’s life except his wife. But Job, strong in his faith, still worshipped God. Then Satan reappears to God and says “Let me work on him some more and we will see that he changes his mind!” God told him to work on it all he wanted, but “don’t kill him.” So then Satan went back and inflicted him with boils!! Job was one day sitting on an ash pile, scraping his boils because of his itching and suffering, and his wife looked at him and said “Why don’t you curse God and die?” But Job just could not, and stayed in his faith!! He said, “God gives and can take it away; Blessed be the Name of the Lord.”
Then three friends “comforters” came to Job and they counselled him with un-inspired conversation, trying to comfort him. In the end, that didn’t work and God spoke to Job, “Get up and pray for the three comforters, and I will doubly restore everything that was taken away from you!” And God kept His word to Job and gave him double of everything what he had lost, and 7 more sons and 3 more daughters! Job went on to enjoy life with his children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren to 140 years!!
We see in this great story the ability and desire of God, our Loving Father to Restore, Re-Create and Reward. We see the love of God in action!! The Lord is still healing in our health needs, He will provide for our needs and restore Joy and Peace in the midst of our losses in our lives. He is able to reconcile our difficult relationships today. He is able to give us the Grace & Mercy for forgiveness of others. He will create love, kindness and patience in our hearts. And on top of that, in the “end” we are guaranteed our great reward of Eternal Life in His presence!!
Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let him in!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. Remember, God loves you very, very much!!

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