Addiction No More

People talk about low self esteem. With low self esteem, human beings naturally try to find a remedy, whether it be alcohol, drugs, causes, work, money, just about anything. My story today is how I got out of my addiction. Growing up in the Great Depression in the 1930s, it was a depressing time, scary, one of people scrambling and scraping for work, money, food, hope. You would think that being unemployed would give parents more time to spend with their kids but, in many cases, that did not happen too much because life was one of misery many times, and every single effort was being spent by parents to search for work and food and the like. They were just too preoccupied and depressed and anxious themselves. So, in many cases in these Depression families, the result was that there was neglect of the children. But mostly in the end, kids would not get what they needed from their parents in the way of kudos, praise, encouragement, support and building up of their fragile self-esteem and self-confidence. Many of these caring and loving parents were too preoccupied with their poverty and depression to be able to invest into their children as much as they desired to. And on top of it, there were not a lot of outside supports. Those were the days when there was no welfare, child services, counsellors, or Dollarland even! Never mind, even no Hydro and no waterworks! This is not to say our parents and our friends’ parents didn’t love us – they sure did!!!!! – and they worked hard for their families to survive!! But the basic need of a child to have their self-esteem and self-confidence built and strong was in second place. The effects of that lifetime in many cases was a lack of self-confidence and self-esteem. But in our late teens, we discovered the Secret Remedy in alcohol.
Alcohol was very good; it gave boldness, confidence and self-assurance. Nowadays there are drugs; in my days there was only alcohol. But after a few years of having fun with it, there is a catch; one becomes dependent on it, and then addiction. Our problem was we became addicted to it, and it was taking over our lives.
I tried to quit. I found there were lots of different systems in place, trying by effort and will power to get rid of it. Or to find God who was supposed to get rid of it. But to me, it was mostly by sheer will power. In my case, after years of struggling, Jesus knocked at the door of my heart and I let Him in. He healed and delivered me from it! No more desire for that addiction to have power over me. He just threw that addiction demon right out and it was replaced by His Spirit in my heart. A Brand New Day.
I heard a story the other day about a married woman with children, who was addicted to cocaine and other drugs for 26 years. One day she heard somewhere to try Jesus!!! Well, it came about that the Holy Spirit came upon her and delivered her cleanly, no more need for drugs! It fired out all the little addictions – all gone. Someone asked her what happened? She said she didn’t even know! She just tried the Lord, and immediately she was delivered! So, my story is not the only one – there are many, many others – and many other reasons for falling into the trap of addiction, not just the low self-esteem. But my point is just the solution is the same for all of it….
There is always, always, help at the end of the tunnel. Always hope. Always always. We never give up. Not by might, not by power, not by sheer will power, but by His Spirit.
Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let him in and Enjoy!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. Remember, God loves you very, very much!!

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