My Lesson from the Amaryllis

I was watching a well-known psychologist interviewing people and he asked a lady about her marriage. She said she had had four and was looking for a fifth one. So when he asked her what she wanted, she said she wanted love and a joyful marriage, and peace! Well, he suggested some rehab and other things, but that is as far as he could go with her. But these qualities she was looking for – love, joy, and peace – are hardly possible in our human ways to achieve.
Another fellow I heard about, who was a very rich man and had all the earthly belongings you could want, well, he had no peace. So he left a note saying that he might as well go look somewhere else for peace, and he committed suicide.
Humanly speaking, we can work hard at it to get these qualities of love, joy and peace, which are fruits of the Spirit! According to the Bible, the fruits of the Spirit are given to you when you let Jesus into your heart. The spirit comes in, and His role is to grow the fruits of the Spirit within you. We cannot go through life without the fruits of the Holy Spirit. They are only attained by receiving Jesus in our hearts, which seals it, and then the fruit grows. In the Bible, there is the story where Jesus was walking with His disciples, and along the road they saw a fig tree. He was hungry and was looking for figs on it. But there was no fruit. Jesus said that that tree would die. The disciples looked and said to themselves, “He talks to trees!” But we know that Jesus did talk to storms, fish, oceans, and to dead people to resurrect them! Anyway, the story goes that when they came back three days later, the tree was dead. There was no fruit on it, so it died.
So the fruit of the Spirit is God-given to us when we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior, because that is what enables us to live our life, not by human effort, but by Divine Power! The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and faithfulness; we don’t have to work for them!!!!!!! They grow, like a seed does!
One day my wife walked in from lunch with a little pot of soil that a friend gave her. It was called an Amaryllis flowering plant. Well, I watched that pot of soil for three weeks, and then I “Googled” it, and then waited!! 🙂 and out came a stem the size of my little finger, and it grew to about 18 inches long!! Then it split open and beautiful red flowers came out! They remained there for 3-4 weeks through the Christmas holiday, and then another little stem came up beside that original one, and did the same thing as the first stem! But when it got to the top, there were 4 flowers that bloomed, and the other ones died. Now, I thought, I am going to put my dollars into the One that Created these things!! – the Creator of the Universe, who created us in His image, and then sent His Son and the Holy Spirit to grow fruit in our Spirit, that we may fulfill our purpose or destiny in life here. We can try the other way, without Him, if we want to, but it would be useless. We always remind ourselves how Jesus approached the fig tree. The reason it died is because there was no fruit. In the same way, the fruits of the Spirit will grow in our lives and enable us to live and have all these – love, joy, peace, etc. This takes the focus off of our own hard work to try to attain these fruits.
Remember, I didn’t do anything to the plant – I just watched it!! That is exactly how God the Father sees us, He sees us growing! We are His children; as a matter of fact, we are not called “the Adults of God”, we are called the “Children of God” and He is watching and helping and guiding us to grow!! So let us get in the back seat, relax, and let Him drive! 🙂
Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. The only effort we have to do on our part is to Open the Door and let Him in! Enjoy!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. Remember, God loves you very, very much!!

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