Many decades ago when I was 5 years old, during the Great Depression, we lived on a farm a couple of blocks away from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. We used to run over there quite often. And Grandma was old! She was sitting in the rocking chair, I remember, always knitting!!! She had a long dress to the floor, wore little wire-rimmed glasses, and had a hair bun at the back of her head, with two or three knitting needles stuck through it! It was where she kept her knitting needles, and they looked like they were two feet long! She had no teeth and she was chewing gum! Probably somebody gave her a piece of gum! Anyway, she was knitting. And when we would ask her, “What are you knitting Grandma?” it was either a pair of socks, a sweater, mittens, or a toque or something! But she didn’t ever answer “just knitting” – there was a purpose in it, she was creating something!!

I bring this story up because I want to remind us that in Psalm 139, in our mother’s wombs, God’s Word says that He was knitting US into being!!!! I realize that He was just not knitting us together because He had nothing else to do, but He had a purpose and a reason behind the knitting! Furthermore, in the Bible, it says “I have a plan for you, for a hope and a future!” While He was knitting us together, He had a purpose to infuse in us talents, gifts, faith, abilities, destiny, purpose, reason to exist, power, and strength. Therefore, we were created for a purpose. We exist for a purpose. Then we start to grow up and at the age of reason, we begin to think and question why and what our purposes are. One thing we need to know is our purpose in life doesn’t need to be big and flashy like being a prime minister, or any huge titles like that. It could be being a mom, a dad, a teacher, a social worker, a farmer, a janitor, all are very very important in our lives. Or we could be unemployed, disabled, but we are still alive and created in His Image because He loves us! They are all very important because the Creator of Heaven and Earth knitted that in us in the very beginning. And they are all very important because we are unique individuals and each of us has a reason why we exist.

Now as we go through life, many times we will fail, or just bad things happen. But with God, there is always “one more time” or another chance, always! We may have difficulties in different areas, addictions, relationship breakups, we can make poor decisions and mistakes, or things happen to us – catastrophes that bring us poor health or money problems. But God is LOVE. And He is a God of Second Chances, and One More Time!!! We remember the story of Jonah – he could not run away from God’s love!

I heard this story of a young Hebrew king, in the Bible. His father installed him as king as a young boy. He went into the Hebrew temple and threw everything out. He threw out all the worshiping equipment out. He instead furnished the temple with pornography statues, etc. and he was an evil worshiper. And this young king called people into evil worship in the temple, which was very sacred, of course. His heart was wicked and he remained that way for 55 years. But at the end of the 55 years, when he was taken prisoner, under torture, he began to have a heart change. All he did was he cried to the Hebrew Lord that he had thrown out of his life many many years before, and God restored him!!!

The reason I point this out is because there is nothing under the sun that we can commit or do that the Lord God cannot forgive of us. We all have a second chance, and God will visit us One More Time! He is a Forgiver and Forgetter!!! He is a Healer!! And a great Redeemer!!

So today, while Jesus is knocking at your door, let the Holy Spirit in and see the Miracle that He can do for you!!!!!! Remember, He loves you very, very much!!
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