He Is Risen!!

After a dark winter, a dormant season, Spring is my Best Season!! The bees are buzzing, the birds are nesting, the trees and flowers are budding, and the sheep are starting to have their young – all new life everywhere seems to be springing into place after a dormant season. It reminds us again of Jesus, after His crucifixion, being in the tomb 3 days, and on Sunday, comes to LIFE!!! Everywhere we sing around the world HE IS RISEN from the Dead!!! New Life!!!
When we believe, we know that Jesus rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father, but He has not left us alone!! When we believe when He knocks at our hearts, His Spirit comes in and is sealed within our spirit. We have then guaranteed Eternal Life because He lives!! The Holy Spirit who dwells in us is the one who guides us, cares for us, helps us walk along on this planet here. He is also our Advocate!! Also He grows these fruits of the Spirit within us – love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness and faith, meekness and temperance, for us to walk our new life here!!! The fruit grows in us; it is like a bulb planted in our spirit, and it will grow during our lifetime here, just like a flower grows out of a bulb!
One of the dirty tricks of the enemy is to make us think that just because we aren’t loving, or joyful, or peaceful, or longsuffering or gentle or good all the time etc… we aren’t Christians!! But that is a lie – we are!! Fruit grows!! As the fruits of the Spirit grow in us, we grow in our new walk!
This is not complicated, nor is there any hard work to do. Simply Believe because the fruit grows within you, and that becomes your New Life. The results are, you now are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ; you are saved, and your household as well. This is our promise! This is the Simple Gospel.
My question is, is He knocking at your heart today? Simply let Him in!! Because God loves you, He reallllly loves you!
Happy Easter to all. God loves you, and we love you.

“As a Man Thinks… So is He”

The scripture says in Proverbs, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Just a few words, but very powerful as we will see. One thing to know – because we are created in the image of God, we need to think of ourselves JUST as how HE sees us!! But by our own power and efforts, we cannot see ourselves as He sees us. Let me give an example:
I heard of a 12-year-old boy who was raised in a dysfunctional home, where there was much disapproval and rejection. One day he was in school. He accidentally spilled a bottle of ink and it dumped out on the floor right in front of the teacher’s desk. This teacher, in front of the class, I guess out of frustration on her part, yelled to him that he was a “stupid fool, a loser” and would “never amount to anything in his life.” Now, we know that this was contrary to God’s view of us!! But, unknowingly, she prophesied to him that he would never amount to anything in the world! Again, on the contrary, this is NOT the way God sees us. We are made in His image!!!
But in the boy’s mind, the thoughts and words were ringing. So, the words that were spoken over him, he fulfilled in his life. He failed with his family and with his businesses. Now as hard as we try on our own, through psychiatry and all the help we can find, the words ringing in the back of our minds don’t go away very easily.
But because God created us in His image and He loves us so much and cares about us so much, His way is the PERFECT way. As Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts, as we let Him in, His Holy Spirit is sealed in us. The Spirit of God is working in our hearts and minds and brings healing and deliverance from all those memories and hurts.  No self-efforts will achieve what Jesus promises us. But be of good heart, we have the Great Healer who lives within us!!
Know today that God loves you SO very, very, very much!! God bless you all,



I heard that NASA took some honeybees up into a spacecraft with astronauts for testing. They released the bees and apparently their report was they were buzzing happily in weightlessness and seemed to enjoy it! The next morning though, they were all laying dead on the floor! They found out that bees don’t do well without resistance!!


We, as human beings, face a lot of resistance and pain in life.  Sometimes we think that it sure would be nice not to have that!!  There are all kinds of challenges and traumas, but believe it or not, these “resistances” are part of growth and maturity.


I love this scripture – 2 Timothy 1:7 – the promise is: “For God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of Power and of Love and of a Sound Mind.” This scripture is helpful to us when we are faced with resistance, pains, and challenges.


There are many attacks of resistance that are part of our lives – namely, the fear of disasters, maybe our children not doing well or being in a good place or running away from home, anxiety about not having enough money or losing our jobs or lack of provision, fear of a doctor’s report and poor health, fear of death, losing a loved one etc.   There are many. 


BUT, available to us, in that scripture in Timothy, the Lord promises us that he REPLACES the spirit of fear in us with Power, Love, and a Sound Mind!!!


First, we are given the Power of God to overcome.


Then there is the Love of God!!! When Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts and we let Him in, we are then empowered by the God of Love.


And of course, being of sound mind suggests that through Him we can make wise decisions and plans, He gives us Peace in the midst of it all. In the midst of our fears and resistances we find ourselves against, according to this scripture, we have the PROTECTION and the PROMISE of our loving Heavenly Father who dwells in us.  In my own experience, saying these Words of God to myself is a great help:     


“Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world;

No weapon formed against me can prosper;

My God shall supply all my needs. 

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.”  


Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let Him in and Enjoy!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. May the Word of God be a great encouragement for your soul today!!!   Remember, He loves you very, very much!!





Because of God’s mercy and love for us, waiting plays a major role in our lives. One of the most difficult times we all face is the waiting period. Sometimes we wait for things and it could be years, or even sometimes just days! The thing is, it feels like nothing is happening while one is waiting. But be encouraged!! The Lord is working in the background!! While we are waiting, our strength is renewed! The Bible says to “Make your requests known unto Me!” We do that… and then the waiting period comes along! Now, many of us don’t believe God has heard, because we don’t get a quick answer, but the Scriptures say that while we are waiting, God is at work!! And while we are waiting, the side benefit is He is renewing and strengthening us in Spirit, Soul, and Body!!

We might be waiting to retire, waiting for a job, waiting for a report from the doctor, waiting for our healing, waiting for restoration in relationships, waiting for finances, waiting for a lost or addicted child to come back. Waiting can be very, very painful.

But rest assured, having made our request to God, He gives us this great promise from Isaiah – “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles! They shall Run and not be weary, they shall Walk and not be faint.”

The Spirit of the Lord is our Advocate, He is our Comforter, and He is our Guide. While we are waiting, our strength is being renewed!!! There is a purpose behind waiting, believe it or not! This is for the Lord to renew our strength. And the other part of that scripture is, like the eagle, we can rise about the situation and soar! Then, He also delivers us from weariness, and He gives us the ability to walk, and not to falter or faint. Then we have an uplifted spirit!!! This is all the purpose of our waiting.

We are asked to put our requests to Him, without hesitation! Let’s do so today and believe and trust God for the answers!!

Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let him in and Enjoy!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. Remember, God loves you very, very much!!