Because of God’s mercy and love for us, waiting plays a major role in our lives. One of the most difficult times we all face is the waiting period. Sometimes we wait for things and it could be years, or even sometimes just days! The thing is, it feels like nothing is happening while one is waiting. But be encouraged!! The Lord is working in the background!! While we are waiting, our strength is renewed! The Bible says to “Make your requests known unto Me!” We do that… and then the waiting period comes along! Now, many of us don’t believe God has heard, because we don’t get a quick answer, but the Scriptures say that while we are waiting, God is at work!! And while we are waiting, the side benefit is He is renewing and strengthening us in Spirit, Soul, and Body!!

We might be waiting to retire, waiting for a job, waiting for a report from the doctor, waiting for our healing, waiting for restoration in relationships, waiting for finances, waiting for a lost or addicted child to come back. Waiting can be very, very painful.

But rest assured, having made our request to God, He gives us this great promise from Isaiah – “They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles! They shall Run and not be weary, they shall Walk and not be faint.”

The Spirit of the Lord is our Advocate, He is our Comforter, and He is our Guide. While we are waiting, our strength is being renewed!!! There is a purpose behind waiting, believe it or not! This is for the Lord to renew our strength. And the other part of that scripture is, like the eagle, we can rise about the situation and soar! Then, He also delivers us from weariness, and He gives us the ability to walk, and not to falter or faint. Then we have an uplifted spirit!!! This is all the purpose of our waiting.

We are asked to put our requests to Him, without hesitation! Let’s do so today and believe and trust God for the answers!!

Jesus is always standing at the door of our hearts knocking. All we have to do is open the door and let him in and Enjoy!! Then His Holy Spirit will be our guide and comforter. Remember, God loves you very, very much!!


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