He Is Risen!!

After a dark winter, a dormant season, Spring is my Best Season!! The bees are buzzing, the birds are nesting, the trees and flowers are budding, and the sheep are starting to have their young – all new life everywhere seems to be springing into place after a dormant season. It reminds us again of Jesus, after His crucifixion, being in the tomb 3 days, and on Sunday, comes to LIFE!!! Everywhere we sing around the world HE IS RISEN from the Dead!!! New Life!!!
When we believe, we know that Jesus rose from the dead and sits at the right hand of the Father, but He has not left us alone!! When we believe when He knocks at our hearts, His Spirit comes in and is sealed within our spirit. We have then guaranteed Eternal Life because He lives!! The Holy Spirit who dwells in us is the one who guides us, cares for us, helps us walk along on this planet here. He is also our Advocate!! Also He grows these fruits of the Spirit within us – love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness and faith, meekness and temperance, for us to walk our new life here!!! The fruit grows in us; it is like a bulb planted in our spirit, and it will grow during our lifetime here, just like a flower grows out of a bulb!
One of the dirty tricks of the enemy is to make us think that just because we aren’t loving, or joyful, or peaceful, or longsuffering or gentle or good all the time etc… we aren’t Christians!! But that is a lie – we are!! Fruit grows!! As the fruits of the Spirit grow in us, we grow in our new walk!
This is not complicated, nor is there any hard work to do. Simply Believe because the fruit grows within you, and that becomes your New Life. The results are, you now are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ; you are saved, and your household as well. This is our promise! This is the Simple Gospel.
My question is, is He knocking at your heart today? Simply let Him in!! Because God loves you, He reallllly loves you!
Happy Easter to all. God loves you, and we love you.

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