Gratitude, the Magnet

Gratitude is God’s gift to us which draws us closer to Him! In the Bible, there is a scripture that says, “In everything give thanks, for this is the will of God concerning you.” It speaks there of giving thanks to God for everything. Now, gratitude is a like a magnet because it draws people and things towards us.
An example of being magnetized to the Lord, is of my brother Andy. He struggled most of his young life with drugs. It was a very difficult life for him and his parents and family. In institutions and everything. One day he appeared on my doorstep. I told him about the Love of Jesus. He had heard that many times in all his travels. It had never connected with him before, but on that day, it connected with him! And he never had a need for that lifestyle anymore. That was many years ago. The previous 40 or so years of his life, with drugs, and all he went through, certainly causes physical and other consequences. But God has a way of drowning all that out, and He has given him a new life in Jesus!!
Now, my brother is in a care facility. I visit him a couple times a week. He is losing some memory, but when I mention the name “Jesus” or if he sees anybody on television talking about Jesus, he gets all excited! He shouts and claps! That revelation never left him! He is very grateful, thankful, and blessed! He has got a blessed assurance in his heart! He wants to talk about it, hear about it, and listen to it. Many of his other hardships in his life seems to have gone away in his heart, and he has no interest in them. He has a great heart of gratitude. He is going on in his later years now but that very revelation of Jesus on that day has not left him; he is very grateful for what God has done for him and wants to talk about it all the time and hear about it!
This really all reinforces to me again that when Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts and we let Him in, it is sealed FORever!!! No one can rob us of that.
Jesus said, I am the way, the truth and the life. He hold the keys to eternal life. He is always knocking at the door of our heart. Just open the door and let Him in!!!
Easter is gone, but Jesus He has risen!!! He loves you very much, God bless,image

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