The Holy Spirit, Our Comforter

When Jesus knocks at the door of our heart and we let Him in, the Holy Spirit comes in and He is sealed forever. He is our comforter, advocate, and our guide. And many more helps from Him are discovered that we need as we walk our journey in this life. Plus, guaranteed eternal life at the end!


In 1871, in Chicago USA, lived a family of a happy businessman named Horatio Spafford. He and his wife had five children. Sadly, their first heartbreak was their eldest son died at 4 years old. Horatio was a successful, well-to-do businessman and lawyer in the city of Chicago. Their second heartbreak was, during that time, the Great Fire of Chicago hit and wiped out all his real estate holdings and businesses. It brought them down to nothing. Then he sent his wife and four daughters for a holiday to England to recupe from the disaster. The third heartbreak was when Horatio received a telegram from his wife from England that the ship his family was on had sunk mid-Atlantic, and on this telegram from his wife it said the words “Saved alone.”


After cleaning up the details around him, Horatio took a ship to England. The captain of the ship he was on stopped mid-Atlantic where the boat had sunk with his family on it, for a bit of a memorial, comforting minutes for Horatio. Being comforted by the Holy Spirit as he stood there on the deck of the ship, at the point where his 4 daughters had drowned, he was able to write the words, “It is well with my soul.” This shows that Horatio trusted the Holy Spirit, his comforter, to be able to work his way through that. To this day, his words that were put into a famous song, has been sung the world over for the last couple hundred years.


What we learn from this is that we can go from losses, damages, pains, trials and hurts in our life, that we can depend on the Holy Spirit for His comfort and guidance while we walk through these things. He is our comforter for our daily walk through life! We may rest assured that as we trust in Him, He is able and willing is to walk us through, to navigate us through this life, and that is the very reason for His existence in our lives.


We trust and depend on Him for our every daily walk, our existence here, and our great reward of Eternal life!
We love you and God bless you on your journey!

P.S.: The song “It Is Well With My Soul” is available on You Tube to listen to – enjoy!


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