Encouraging Ourselves in the Midst of Disaster and Pain

One of our family members a few years ago experienced a devastating time as her home burned down. We as a family understand the emotions, problems, and suffering that people can go through in a time like that. After receiving support and much encouragement from her family, friends, and strangers, which she was very grateful for, there was still a need in her life, which was met by encouraging herself in the Lord.
In the time of big disasters, losses, hurts, fears, and grief, much suffering goes on. With what is happening during these great devastating fires in Northern Alberta today, we are encouraged to be part of others who are trying to help these people as much as possible. There is a mighty outpouring of help coming from so many sources and we rejoice for that!!
In I Samuel 30, what we see in the scriptures, is what David had to do to encourage himself when he also was faced with a major disaster. The story goes that while David was away with his 300 men fighting wars, the enemy sneaked into his home town, stole all their goods, their wives and kids, and burnt the town to the ground. Well, while David sat there thinking about all this, his 300 men were wailing, crying in desperation, having lost all their families. At that stage, they wanted to turn on David and kill him. David, after seeing all this loss and facing the threat of his army wanting to kill him he came to the conclusion that there was only one thing left to do. Nobody was encouraging David anymore; there was no more source of encouragement! His soldiers were bitter towards him and wanted to kill him, and he was alone. So David decided to find his encouragement in the Lord. His last hope was to encourage himself in the Lord His God.
To do this, he REMEMBERED and reminded himself of all the grace and mercies and love he had received in the past which God had given him before. He kept remembering and reminding himself over and over again, how good and merciful God was to him in the past, by providing for him and protecting him in the past. His only hope left was that God was coming to him again with More mercy, More grace, More love, More comfort, More hope.
When we look at it all, our only hope is in the Lord our God, who knows it all from the beginning and to the end, and has prepared the way out for each and everyone of us. Healing is in place, hope is in God, our loving Father.
Encouraging ourselves in the Lord means that we, like David, remind ourselves how many times in the past God protected, provided, and took us out of many major problems! As David did that, according to the story, the the joy of the Lord came upon him and he was dancing and singing, and then ordered his men to go after the enemy. The story goes on to say that they recaptured all their children, wives, and goods!!
With this in mind, I want to pray with each and everyone of you today, that together, the best way we can encourage ourselves in the midst of major disasters is putting fully our trust in Him, asking our all-powerful, all-knowing God together, that His healing hand, His Love and his grace, will surround and support and provide for each and everyone of you, in Jesus’ name.
Jesus is knocking at the door of your heart today. Let Him in, because He loves you!!!

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