The Woodpecker

All God’s doing, and His provision, but Carol and I recognize how blessed we are, at this stage in our lives, in our senior years, to live in North Vancouver in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom suite on the third floor. The view is beautiful; we are only three blocks from the Harbor, Sea Bus, and all busing facilities and all transportation is provided and excellent for people our age. We have a million dollar view, we are retired, and God provides all our needs like He promised, you cannot find no better spot in the world! The view is of the Harbor and the tour boats, overlooking the city. All mountains behind us, Grouse, the Lions, and people come from all over the world for the views, boating, fishing, skiing etc. We are really blessed.
They say a happily-married life is when you each have your own bathroom, and own bedroom!! We are thankful for that! Our place is surrounded by big trees, beautiful. EXCEPT at this time of the year, there seems to be an influx of woodpeckers, and every morning at 4:30 or 5 o’clock, they do a lot of pecking on Carol’s bedroom roof. They probably do on mine too, but I am hard of hearing, so I don’t hear them!! So, she wakes me up, because she has got good hearing, to go take care of the woodpeckers! So the sight is this: I am standing in my shorts, with a broom handle, hitting the ceiling, and the woodpeckers fly away, looking at me through the tree, but as soon as I go back to my room, they come back knocking and wake her up again!
The reason I bring this up is there is a scripture in the Bible in Revelations chapter 3, that says Jesus is at the door of your heart, always knocking; He wants to come in! You know, before we were born, before we knew anything, God created us in His image in the womb, and he created a House for Himself, which is our Heart!!! Our Heart is God’s House!! He knocks at it and wants to come in and live in it!! He never gives up (like the woodpecker!). The reason He never gives up is because it is His House! And when we die, He takes it with Him. While we are alive here, He lives in it! I have preached myself, and heard a lot of preachers say “Give your heart to the Lord,” but I am now the other way around – I see it now as “Give Him His house back.” It is His in the first place! Our heart is His House.
When you think about it, the creator of the universe, the all-powerful God, the all-knowing God wants to live in His House, the human heart!!! All we have to do is believe Him and let Him in! Then the nice thing about that is no matter what you have in there, when he knocks and comes in, we read that God, Jesus Christ on the Cross, shed His blood to erase our sins, to take them all away. You know, when you are born, God establishes a place for Himself, and it is the heart. He does not knock at your head or feet, but he knocks at His door! He knocks at the door of His house! Whether we believe it or not, this is the creator of Heaven and Earth, and all the Universe, who created us in His image, and He is the God of Mercy, of Grace, who lives in His house, our hearts, to guide, to care, to protect, and to love us. The scripture says “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory!”
Because our heart is His, when we die, and go to eternity, the Bible says we go with Him. He takes His House with Him. “Away from the body, we are Present with the Lord.”
Jesus our redeemer came to wash away our sins, Past, Present, and Future by dying on the cross for us. He said “It is finished.” He accomplished it all!! Our role in all this is just to believe!
When I hear the “blessed” woodpeckers, I am again reminded of our great blessings in Jesus Christ, the Love, the Mercy, and the Grace of His eternal life.
God loves you; all we need to do when we hear the “knock” is to let Him in! I guarantee He will change your life, as He did mine!! God bless you, He loves you so much, may He prosper you and meet all of your needs today, in Jesus’ Name.

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