A Special Day!

I have fond memories of the Fraser Valley and our very supportive friends there. Our family lived in the Valley throughout the mid-80s through the 90s, where we met all these wonderful, helpful and supportive friends, and, out of those years there we got two great daughters-in-law, which resulted in 8 beautiful grandchildren! Last Saturday, two special couples from the Valley came with their Limousine Van to pick my wife and I up and took us for a feast of fish and chips at Trolls Fish House Restaurant in Horseshoe Bay. These friends love the Lord and have beautiful families. Our family had many good years with them in the Valley when we lived there. They have always been very kind and supportive.
There is a special heart-felt joy that I get when I see them. The reason being, when I was in St. Paul’s Hospital 10 years ago, they would come and visit me from Abbotsford. At that time, I had had my heart valve replacement, when everything went wrong. I became septic with a bad infection and I was not doing well. As a matter of fact, I was in the Special Care Unit when my own brother and sister were visiting me, and they pulled the doctor aside out of the room I was in and questioned him about my condition. Apparently the doctor told them it didn’t look very good at all and I would probably not make it. That is how bad that infection was.
Anyway, about these friends from Abbotsford: One of my friends, as she was reading her Bible in her morning devotions, asked the Lord for a word for me. And God gave her a word for me. And she came from Abbotsford over to Vancouver where I was in hospital and she gave me the word. I barely remember it because I was not well. But she wrote it down on a piece of paper and she gave it to me.
The word went like this: “This man shall not die, but he shall live to declare the goodness of the Lord.” (Psalm 118:17).
Many things happened after that day: I was in a wheelchair the first month, my kidneys completely shut down and was on dialysis for 3 months, on antibiotics for 3 months, and my my legs and kidneys had permanent damage and I now walk with a walker, but as I look back now, I came back from everything, and furthermore, God has given me opportunity on the internet to share His goodness and mercies… and when everybody believes you are finished, He is not done with you yet! In my case, He was starting something new!
I was thinking during my recovery in that time, okay that was a good word, but where will I share the goodness of the Lord? I used to walk around the mall or in the street and would talk or pray with individuals here and there if they would ask for it and needed it. But then one day the internet came to my mind! And then he pointed to me – Facebook! But right away I went and asked a person I know about that Facebook/internet situation which I didn’t know much about. He said “Henry, let me give you some advice. If you don’t know anything about it, I would advise you not to go on there. Because a lot of it is not very good! Much gossip and garbage, etc. is on there.”
So then after I got that information, I inquired again of the Lord, and He said to me “I am giving you this opportunity, because, remember this – When I walked upon the earth, I sat and ate with the needy, the prostitutes, pimps, thieves and religious people – everyone is included!! and God loves all and everyone needs me, the Savior of the world.” There was my answer!!
I actually enjoy putting a blog out every week when I can and I ask the Lord every time – I just don’t want to put my own ideas on there – I ask Him, what does He want to say today, and I share that!
So I hope that as you read some of my blogs, you enjoy it, as I do making them.
Every time I hear it and mention this word that my friend gave me, I tear up and choke up because it is so still real to me!! What an enjoyable blessing of a visit that was in Horseshoe Bay with some of my dear friends who had such good input for me in my recovery. God bless her for her faithfulness to bring me that word.
Remember that His word is alive. What He did for me he can do for you. He is a Healer, Provider, Caregiver, Protector, Savior, + Eternal Life with Him, and He loves us so much and cherishes us as His children.
We can easily miss Him, but remember that he is always: 1) Omnipotent, 2) Omnipresent and 3) Omniscient. That means He is 1) All-powerful, 2) Everywhere, and 3) He knows everything! You can be sure He won’t miss you!!!!
As Jesus knocks at the door of your heart, let Him in, and enjoy His presence!
God bless you, He loves you so much, and we love you.
P.S. Please feel free to share.

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