Season of Peace & Joy

We are all tagged with “the spot”. When I listen to O Holy Night in French, the second line says that the “Son of God descended from heaven to erase the original sin (spot).” Actually, if we are born on this planet, we are all born with it. The world of religions offers many ways and devices to erase the spot. But, as Christians, we sing that song – that God the Father sent His Son to redeem us from it and to erase the original sin, as our Saviour, and that is the meaning of Christmas!! It is the great gift from the Father, who sent His only Son to us, who is the Prince of Peace, Saviour of the world. As we declare Him our saviour, we receive eternal peace.
Let me tell you a little bit of a story. I heard of this story a while back. A young man was born in a family who were well-to-do and they were committed to their church and everything. They were good people. But this young fellow didn’t like really to obey; he didn’t like all the rules and regulations that the home and school and church demanded, so he struggled with it all. He wanted to get away from it, so he decided to leave and join the Navy. Little did he know that the Navy invented ALL the rules! While he was in there, he got injured, ended up in hospital, and was put on painkillers during his recovery. He found a peace in those meds. He got hooked into them. So when he came out of hospital, of course, he fell into the drug scene, searching and looking for that eternal peace. But we remember that spot that we are all born with does not go away! There is only one way out of that, according to our Christian beliefs. He ended up living under a bridge with the homeless, druggies, and poor people with the same affliction, looking for eternal peace and relief, which cannot be found in drugs or alcohol or any other means except through the Saviour. Every year for the next several years, he would go to eat at a Christmas dinner at the Salvation Army and then a few years into that routine, a little army captain came out from behind the curtains before dinner to share a little bit of the Christmas story. He had heard that many times before but did not like it and never took to it. This day though, this little lady preacher with the hat and uniform, a “captain” from the Salvation Army, said that God the Father had sent His only Son, born in a manger, fully God, fully human, to come and open the way back into the Father’s arms for us and give us eternal peace through His love! At that very moment, the Light shone inside of him, and changed his whole life, all his thinking. Accepting that fact, it touched him so much that he never looked back! Years later, he has a house, a wife, a family, and a good job! He is so grateful that right out of his heart, realizing the love of God and want Jesus did for Him at the cross, that he just can’t help it but wants to help and love others and does. The spot has been removed!!
We can call it what we want – the spot – original sin, but anyone that is born on this planet has it! I remember one Frenchman friend one time; he couldn’t wait to get to heaven to “straighten out” Adam and Eve!! I remember talking with him, that we realized we all had the same problem as Adam and Eve – we have a free will and can choose what we do – and that is what they did! But you know, that spot can go on a long time unless we get it removed. We can be young, we can be old, we can be rich or poor, nice, good and kind – but the spot is there – until we accept Jesus Christ as our Saviour and the sacrifice He did on the cross, which says that He took away our sins, and the blood that He shed on the cross washes our sins away, past, present and future, plus eternal life! It is all free! Where can we find a better deal than that?
So, this Christmas, we all have an opportunity because Jesus is at the door of our heart, knocking; it is very simple, open the door, and believe Him and receive Him. It is not a religion; it is your personal relationship that begins with Him.
Merry Christmas, and remember God loves you very, very much.
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