What is in Your Hand?

When Jesus knocks at the door of your heart, and you give your life to Him and let Him in, because He resides in you, you are now in God’s will! That simple. God wants to protect us from perishing eternally. That is why He gave us His son, so we should not perish if we believe on Him. It is that simple. That is God’s will for our life. Just believing on him.
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


Then the purpose is another thing. After we accepted Jesus Christ, then we want to know what our purpose in life is. We find our purpose this way – we are probably in God’s purpose now but we don’t realize it. There is an example for us today, from Moses’ story in the Bible…


God had chosen Moses to deliver God’s people from Pharaoh. They were slaves of Pharaoh. Moses was standing depressed before God, because he did not know how to deliver the people from Pharaoh and God spoke to Moses. He said to him, “What is in your hand?” and Moses said “I have a walking stick.” God said to throw it on the ground, and it became a snake! Then God said to pick it up by the tail. And when Moses did that, it became a stick again!


I was listening to a story by an archaeologist who was chasing all around the world, looking for Moses’ grave to find the magic stick! Anyway, he ended up in a museum in England and there is a stick there! It is 5 feet 3 inches long and black varnished! He was not allowed to touch it. But we know that the power was not in that stick!


Anyway, coming back to Moses, God told him to head towards the Red Sea. And Pharaoh let the Israelites go. Moses was walking towards the Red Sea with the stick, with a million of God’s people down his neck behind him! When they got to the water, he could see the Egyptians in the distance – they were already coming for them! Moses, still depressed (he was a depressed sort of a fellow, and was also 80 years old), was facing the Red Sea and the enemy coming after them. So he said to God, what do I do now!? God said, “What is in your hand?” And Moses said, the stick. So God told him to take the stick and hit the water. And we know the rest of the story! The Red Sea parted, and Moses and all the Israelites went across it and into the desert!!!! Many other miracles happened there, now that Moses knew where to look for God’s power!


So the question for us today is, “What is in your hand?” I read a little book many years ago; it was called “Brother Lawrence.” He had joined the monastery to find God. And through many religious exercises and everything, he could not find his purpose in life. And one day while peeling potatoes in the kitchen, which was his job, God touched him, woke him up, and he said that he realized that his purpose in life was what was in his hands – peeling potatoes!! All the other priests and others in the monastery wondered why he was so happy! He had had a revelation from God that what he was doing with his hands was his purpose in life. Now maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting for many of us – what is in our hands? Now today, you may say, well, my life isn’t that important “just” changing baby diapers for example or you could be a big time CEO of a big company, unfulfilled in life – or whatever other form of labors we may be doing – we know though that every president or king’s mother once changing their kids’ diaper did not know at that time what God was up to and what plans He had for that son or daughter – because God always has a plan for your life, with whatever you have in your hand.


We learn from the lesson today in Moses’ story and Brother Lawrence, that the key with God is usually “what is in your hand.” There is nothing wrong with doing other great things, but I remember when I first became a Christian, under the suggestions of many good hearted preachers and leaders, to go out into the world and do great things, I wanted to pack my suitcase and head out! But, I soon realized my purpose in life was most of the time what was in my hand, meaning what am I doing at the moment? At that moment I was working as a carpenter with carpenter tools and raising a family.


Lacking understanding where God’s power and purpose is, we are wise to do what Moses did! Our encouragement comes from God – because all power and strength and the ability to move forward comes from Him.


So today, if any one of us are thinking this life is pretty boring, “peeling potatoes” or whatever, we know we are not there by accident! Moses was 80 and he delivered his people! It was all a God effort! We learn today that it was all a supernatural doing of God! Because the stick itself had no power in it! Even though that archaeologist I mentioned believed that! So, if we find ourselves today in a situation which is less than exciting, think again about Moses’ situation! God may just be in it!

God loves you very, very much.


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Condemnation No More!

Before I became a Christian, before Jesus knocked at the door of my heart and I let Him in, and He became my saviour, Lord and redeemer, I lived a lot of my life under condemnation. If I did not condemn myself because of my sins, misbehaviours or actions, somebody else would do it – anybody in authority, parents, leaders, friends – the enemy would use any one of them. Condemnation brings many forms of disapproval – I could feel left out, isolated, discouraged, guilty.


Condemnation is NOT from God; it comes from the accuser himself, Satan. You know, my Grandma was Irish. The Irish didn’t call the devil “the devil” – they called him “hisself”!! I think they were afraid of him, or they were polite! So they called him “hisself.” But it is true – he is the carrier of condemnation, the accuser! But one definition of “sin” is misbehaving. We live in the world, where misbehaviours are part of life. Now how many times a day, a year or whatever do we misbehave? But we got to remember what the blood of Jesus is for! It washes away EVERY sin, past, present and future! That is the Gospel!


I just want to give a Bible story here – it is about a woman who was caught in the act of adultery by a bunch of religious leaders of the day (this is in John 8:1-11). In those days, if you broke the law, they didn’t take you to court, but they stoned you to death. So this lady was brought in front of Jesus with these guys with stones in their pockets and they said to Him, “Jesus, this woman was caught in the act of adultery today and we are going to stone her to death because that is what the law recommends. What do you say?”
Well, what Jesus did was say, “all right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” And those accusers heard this and they started filing out, one by one, the oldest first. In a few minutes they were all gone. And Jesus was left with the woman alone. Then Jesus asked the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” And the woman said, “No Lord!!” And He said, “Neither do I; now go on your way and sin no more.” Misbehaviour is washed away by the precious Blood of Jesus at the Cross, past, present and future. And the Bible says, you can NEVER be separated from the Love of God –


Romans 8:38
“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


We are freed by the Love of God!! God is love and He created us in His image, so therefore, in His eyes, you are –
very, very important,
and very, very, very loved,
and He cares for you!!


Today, He is knocking at the door of your heart, Let Him in! And enjoy His love,


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Truc de L’ennemi

L’un des tours de l’ennemi nous fait croire que lorsque nous péchons, cela nous sépare de Dieu. Cela ne pourrait JAMAIS arriver à nous, croyants en Jésus Christ, parce que l’œuvre accomplie de la Croix a traité nos péchés une fois pour toutes. La Bible dit que cela ne changera jamais !!!
Nos péchés ou quoi que ce soit dans la vie qui existe ne peut jamais nous séparer de l’amour de Dieu à nouveau! Nous sommes un avec Lui maintenant et rien ne changera jamais …
La Bible dit dans Romains 8: 38 et 39:
«Car je suis convaincu que ni la mort ni la vie, ni les anges, ni les démons, ni le présent, ni le futur, ni les puissances, ni la hauteur, ni la profondeur, ni autre chose dans la création ne pourront JAMAIS nous séparer de l’Amour de Dieu C’est-à-dire en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur.
Quand je suis entré dans ma nouvelle vie chrétienne il y a de nombreuses années, je n’avais jamais lu ni possédé une Bible, alors quand j’en ai eu une, j’ai découvert qu’il y avait 6 000 promesses là-bas, et c’est ainsi que Dieu nous parle, Écrit! Quand je tomberais ou pécherais, je me demandais où Dieu allait; A-t-il disparu quelque part? J’ai perdu le contact avec Lui. Je perdis ma joie, et la dépression s’installe. Alors, je lisais Son mot sur ce que Dieu disait de toute ma situation, et cette écriture de Romains 8 m’a expliqué ce que Dieu était comme; Sur l’Amour du Père qui ne me laisse jamais, quoi qu’il arrive !!!!! Quel soulagement et une liberté que j’ai reçus contre toute condamnation, peur et culpabilité que l’astuce de l’ennemi cause en sachant que Rien ne pourra JAMAIS me séparer de l’Amour de Dieu qui est en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur !!!
Ne tombez pas dans le piège de l’ennemi.
Jésus frappe à la porte de votre cœur … Laissez-le entrer et il vous parlera. Que Dieu vous bénisse, Il vous aime beaucoup! Nous t’aimons…
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New Years’ Resolutions

Many self-efforts are embraced and very, very much needed in this life. I am not against New Year’s Resolutions, for anyone who is successful, and can enjoy and keep them. But here is my experience: One of my earlier years’ disasters was me making New Year’s resolutions and not being able to keep any of them! It was my self-efforts, and some imposed on me by others – to quit drinking, quit smoking, pray harder, be kinder and love people more, love God more, try to find Him, make efforts and sacrifices and by the end of February, I was all depressed, had not achieved anything, and had blown all of them pretty well. Now, the worst thing that was going on at that stage was that Lent was going to start in a couple of weeks, and Lent meant fasting and sacrifices, to strengthen all my resolutions, be kind, love God more, love my enemies; as a matter of fact it was starting all over til Easter. So, to be honest with everyone, I was a failure. I found out from that that self-effort is very difficult.


And then one day when Jesus knocked at the door of my heart, I let Him in and He looked around at my resolutions, and He began to fire them out the window! All the efforts and the hard work I was trying on my own! What a joy and a peace that came over me! That was the beginning of my New Life – He could do it, if He wanted to. And the thing was, He said He wanted to! So as I found out how much He loved me as my saviour and redeemer and forgiver, then I began to love others a little bit more and be kind to them! Finally I thought I found God! But, He was not lost, He was the one that found me!!


So, this is called the Gospel, which means the Good News!! The reason I make a blog now and share the gospel is because I want to tell everybody! I read the other day there are 6 billion people on the planet, and when Jesus left He said, go into the world and tell everyone. But, at my age, I cannot go around the world! Now, I found a good way to do that, right from my living room!! I forward the Gospel, which is the Good News, on my blog in French and English, and Facebook, and that is called “sowing the seed.” The word of God is a seed. The seed is sown by someone, by me or whoever, and someone else down the line waters it, and it grows into fruit for everyone who believes it!! That is God’s promise!


Now, my prayer is that any person who is struggling with resolutions will read this, and accept the gift of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God that guides you, protects you, cares for you, will meet all your needs, washes away all your sins, past, present and future, plus guaranteed eternal life for you, and for your household as well, as you believe on Him.


God is love and he really, really loves you! My prayer for anyone within earshot is that you would have a prosperous year ahead, and in all that you do and you touch, the blessing of God would be upon your lives, in meeting all of your needs, as you trust Him to do so!!


God bless you, have a Happy New Year, love you all!!!

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Résolutions du Nouvel An

Beaucoup d’auto-efforts sont embrassés et très, très nécessaire dans cette vie. Je ne suis pas contre les Résolutions du Nouvel An, pour ceux qui réussissent, et peuvent les apprécier et les garder. Mais voici mon expérience: L’une de mes premières années de catastrophe a été de faire des résolutions du Nouvel An et de ne pouvoir en garder aucune! C’était mon auto-effort, et certains m’ont imposé par d’autres – de cesser de boire, d’arrêter de fumer, de prier plus fort, d’être plus aimable et d’aimer davantage, d’aimer Dieu, d’essayer de le trouver, faire des efforts et des sacrifices et à la fin de Février, j’étais tout déprimé, n’avait rien accompli, et les avait soufflés tous très bien. Maintenant, la pire chose qui se passait à ce stade était que Carême allait commencer dans quelques semaines, et Carême signifiait jeûner et sacrifices, pour renforcer toutes mes résolutions, être bon, aimer Dieu plus, aimer mes ennemis; En fait, il a commencé tout au long de Pâques. Donc, pour être honnête avec tout le monde, j’ai été un échec. J’ai découvert que l’auto-effort est très difficile.

Et puis un jour, quand Jésus frappa à la porte de mon cœur, je le laissai entrer et il regarda autour de moi mes résolutions, et il se mit à les tirer par la fenêtre! Tous les efforts et le travail dur que j’essayais sur mon propre! Quelle joie et quelle paix! C’était le début de ma Nouvelle Vie – Il pouvait le faire, s’il le voulait. Et la chose était, Il a dit qu’il voulait! Alors, comme j’ai découvert combien Il m’aimait en tant que mon sauveur et rédempteur et pardonneur, alors j’ai commencé à aimer les autres un peu plus et être gentil avec eux! Enfin je pensais trouver Dieu! Mais, Il n’était pas perdu, Il était celui qui m’a trouvé !!

Donc, cela s’appelle l’Evangile, ce qui signifie la Bonne Nouvelle !! La raison pour laquelle je fais un blog maintenant et de partager l’évangile est parce que je veux dire à tout le monde! J’ai lu l’autre jour qu’il ya 6 milliards de personnes sur la planète, et quand Jésus est parti Il a dit, aller dans le monde et dire à tout le monde. Mais, à mon âge, je ne peux pas faire le tour du monde! Maintenant, j’ai trouvé un bon moyen de le faire, à droite de mon salon !! J’envoie l’Évangile, qui est la Bonne Nouvelle, sur mon blog en français et en anglais, et Facebook, et qui est appelé «semer la graine». La parole de Dieu est une graine. La semence est semée par quelqu’un, par moi ou par qui que ce soit, et quelqu’un d’autre le traverse, il se transforme en fruit pour tous ceux qui le croient !! C’est la promesse de Dieu!

Maintenant, ma prière est que toute personne qui lutte avec des résolutions lira ceci et acceptera le don de Jésus Christ, l’Esprit de Dieu qui vous guide, vous protège, vous soigne, répondra à tous vos besoins, Les péchés, le passé, le présent et l’avenir, ainsi que la vie éternelle garantie pour vous, et pour votre ménage ainsi, comme vous croyez en lui.

Dieu est amour et il vraiment, vraiment vous aime! Ma prière pour quelqu’un à portée de voix est que vous aurez une année prospère, et que dans tout ce que vous faites et que vous touchez, la bénédiction de Dieu serait sur votre vie, en répondant à tous vos besoins, comme vous lui faites confiance !!!

Que Dieu vous bénisse, bonne année, aimez-vous tous !!!
P.S. N’hésitez pas à partager!