New Years’ Resolutions

Many self-efforts are embraced and very, very much needed in this life. I am not against New Year’s Resolutions, for anyone who is successful, and can enjoy and keep them. But here is my experience: One of my earlier years’ disasters was me making New Year’s resolutions and not being able to keep any of them! It was my self-efforts, and some imposed on me by others – to quit drinking, quit smoking, pray harder, be kinder and love people more, love God more, try to find Him, make efforts and sacrifices and by the end of February, I was all depressed, had not achieved anything, and had blown all of them pretty well. Now, the worst thing that was going on at that stage was that Lent was going to start in a couple of weeks, and Lent meant fasting and sacrifices, to strengthen all my resolutions, be kind, love God more, love my enemies; as a matter of fact it was starting all over til Easter. So, to be honest with everyone, I was a failure. I found out from that that self-effort is very difficult.


And then one day when Jesus knocked at the door of my heart, I let Him in and He looked around at my resolutions, and He began to fire them out the window! All the efforts and the hard work I was trying on my own! What a joy and a peace that came over me! That was the beginning of my New Life – He could do it, if He wanted to. And the thing was, He said He wanted to! So as I found out how much He loved me as my saviour and redeemer and forgiver, then I began to love others a little bit more and be kind to them! Finally I thought I found God! But, He was not lost, He was the one that found me!!


So, this is called the Gospel, which means the Good News!! The reason I make a blog now and share the gospel is because I want to tell everybody! I read the other day there are 6 billion people on the planet, and when Jesus left He said, go into the world and tell everyone. But, at my age, I cannot go around the world! Now, I found a good way to do that, right from my living room!! I forward the Gospel, which is the Good News, on my blog in French and English, and Facebook, and that is called “sowing the seed.” The word of God is a seed. The seed is sown by someone, by me or whoever, and someone else down the line waters it, and it grows into fruit for everyone who believes it!! That is God’s promise!


Now, my prayer is that any person who is struggling with resolutions will read this, and accept the gift of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of God that guides you, protects you, cares for you, will meet all your needs, washes away all your sins, past, present and future, plus guaranteed eternal life for you, and for your household as well, as you believe on Him.


God is love and he really, really loves you! My prayer for anyone within earshot is that you would have a prosperous year ahead, and in all that you do and you touch, the blessing of God would be upon your lives, in meeting all of your needs, as you trust Him to do so!!


God bless you, have a Happy New Year, love you all!!!

P.S. Please feel free to share!


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