What is in Your Hand?

When Jesus knocks at the door of your heart, and you give your life to Him and let Him in, because He resides in you, you are now in God’s will! That simple. God wants to protect us from perishing eternally. That is why He gave us His son, so we should not perish if we believe on Him. It is that simple. That is God’s will for our life. Just believing on him.
John 3:16
“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”


Then the purpose is another thing. After we accepted Jesus Christ, then we want to know what our purpose in life is. We find our purpose this way – we are probably in God’s purpose now but we don’t realize it. There is an example for us today, from Moses’ story in the Bible…


God had chosen Moses to deliver God’s people from Pharaoh. They were slaves of Pharaoh. Moses was standing depressed before God, because he did not know how to deliver the people from Pharaoh and God spoke to Moses. He said to him, “What is in your hand?” and Moses said “I have a walking stick.” God said to throw it on the ground, and it became a snake! Then God said to pick it up by the tail. And when Moses did that, it became a stick again!


I was listening to a story by an archaeologist who was chasing all around the world, looking for Moses’ grave to find the magic stick! Anyway, he ended up in a museum in England and there is a stick there! It is 5 feet 3 inches long and black varnished! He was not allowed to touch it. But we know that the power was not in that stick!


Anyway, coming back to Moses, God told him to head towards the Red Sea. And Pharaoh let the Israelites go. Moses was walking towards the Red Sea with the stick, with a million of God’s people down his neck behind him! When they got to the water, he could see the Egyptians in the distance – they were already coming for them! Moses, still depressed (he was a depressed sort of a fellow, and was also 80 years old), was facing the Red Sea and the enemy coming after them. So he said to God, what do I do now!? God said, “What is in your hand?” And Moses said, the stick. So God told him to take the stick and hit the water. And we know the rest of the story! The Red Sea parted, and Moses and all the Israelites went across it and into the desert!!!! Many other miracles happened there, now that Moses knew where to look for God’s power!


So the question for us today is, “What is in your hand?” I read a little book many years ago; it was called “Brother Lawrence.” He had joined the monastery to find God. And through many religious exercises and everything, he could not find his purpose in life. And one day while peeling potatoes in the kitchen, which was his job, God touched him, woke him up, and he said that he realized that his purpose in life was what was in his hands – peeling potatoes!! All the other priests and others in the monastery wondered why he was so happy! He had had a revelation from God that what he was doing with his hands was his purpose in life. Now maybe that doesn’t sound too exciting for many of us – what is in our hands? Now today, you may say, well, my life isn’t that important “just” changing baby diapers for example or you could be a big time CEO of a big company, unfulfilled in life – or whatever other form of labors we may be doing – we know though that every president or king’s mother once changing their kids’ diaper did not know at that time what God was up to and what plans He had for that son or daughter – because God always has a plan for your life, with whatever you have in your hand.


We learn from the lesson today in Moses’ story and Brother Lawrence, that the key with God is usually “what is in your hand.” There is nothing wrong with doing other great things, but I remember when I first became a Christian, under the suggestions of many good hearted preachers and leaders, to go out into the world and do great things, I wanted to pack my suitcase and head out! But, I soon realized my purpose in life was most of the time what was in my hand, meaning what am I doing at the moment? At that moment I was working as a carpenter with carpenter tools and raising a family.


Lacking understanding where God’s power and purpose is, we are wise to do what Moses did! Our encouragement comes from God – because all power and strength and the ability to move forward comes from Him.


So today, if any one of us are thinking this life is pretty boring, “peeling potatoes” or whatever, we know we are not there by accident! Moses was 80 and he delivered his people! It was all a God effort! We learn today that it was all a supernatural doing of God! Because the stick itself had no power in it! Even though that archaeologist I mentioned believed that! So, if we find ourselves today in a situation which is less than exciting, think again about Moses’ situation! God may just be in it!

God loves you very, very much.


P.S. Please feel free to share!
We appreciate you folks sharing this today, because we never know who is sick, sad, dying, neglected, or abandoned, or just needs a word of encouragement. I recommend as you share this word around the globe, on Facebook or wherever, that it may be a miracle for a hurting, suffering person somewhere, to be touched by the love of God, miracles…. will happen.
Thanks for sharing it!


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