Forgiveness, the Key to the Peace that Passes all Understanding

Forgiveness is always an antidote to poisoning. Unforgiveness is poison. Forgiveness is the antidote.
In the Depression of the 1920s and 30s, there lived a family in the South, with five children. They were very, very poor. They picked cotton to make a living. The conditions were: No sanitation, no power, no electricity and all that. No education. The eldest son, being a 20-year-old at that time, had to donate all his earnings, whatever they were, every penny, to his parents, to help feed the family. One day while resentment was building up inside of him, he told his parents he was leaving for the “big city.” When that young man got into the city, he saw all the different lifestyles of education, riches etc. He made friends with a rich family who helped him with some education, and he became involved in a business and was quite successful in it. The young man did not stay in touch with his parents. By this time, his resentment had grown stronger towards them because of all the possibilities and availabilities that he saw there were in the city! He could not get out of his mind why his parents had not given him what these parents of his friends had given their kids. That is what he was mad at. So, he continued on, got married, had a family of his own, and tried to put all his past in the back of his mind as best as he could.
Many years later, while his parents were still alive and old, the resentment came to a boiling point in his life. He decided that he should drive over there to them and really “straighten them out” about the failures they had with him and the family. He was gonna tell them off. The first night on the way there, he stayed in a hotel and God began to speak to Him a couple of words. By the way, this guy was not a religious guy by any means. And the conversation from God was: “What would you have done better than they if you were in that same position?” With that, the young guy had a change of heart. He turned around from his trip and did not go tell his parents off, but went back to his home. The beauty of it, was the Peace of God washed over him when he had that change of heart… he said it was the Peace that passes all understanding and he could not figure it out!! Well, the long story short is this – that this man got in touch with his parents and made everything right. Now, this man had been struck with a disease of some kind, a terminal disease. Also his wife had a disease. They even had a daughter who was disabled. But through all this, the Peace of God was in him, and made a great change in his family. And the relationship changed between him and his parents! This man passed away two years later, but on his deathbed, he kept relating the power of God in his life through forgiveness. And his wife lived many more years and she was the one that tells the story. But God changed the whole thing!
So, the key was one act, he said, it was getting rid of resentment through forgiveness.
In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus says: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive others.” The key to that is because we are first forgiven ourselves, then we are able to forgive others as He has forgiven us. In accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour, we see how much He has forgiven us, then we are able to forgive others because He has first forgiven us! When we discover the grace of God, how much He forgave us, then we are able to get rid of our resentments through forgiving others.
On our own power and effort, we cannot forgive anything, but when we hear Jesus’s voice (that is what this fellow did – he heard Jesus’s voice) we accept His forgiveness which gets rid of resentment and gives us the power and ability and grace to forgive others. Out of that, the Grace of God gives us the Peace that passes all understanding – we will not explain that one, we can’t!
Today, as He knocks at the door of your heart, let Him in… Let Him speak to you. Have conversation with Him. He will do miracles. God bless you, He is FOR you! He loves you very, very much.
P.S. Please feel free to share!
We appreciate you folks sharing this today, because we never know who is sick, sad, dying, neglected, or abandoned, or just needs a word of encouragement. I recommend as you share this word around the globe, on Facebook or wherever, that it may be a miracle for a hurting, suffering person somewhere, to be touched by the love of God, miracles…. will happen.
Thanks for sharing it!

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