God Loves Our Grateful Hearts

Many years ago when I was a younger man, there was a preacher who came to give a seminar on prayer. It was a week of evenings. He had many good points and many steps on how to approach and contact God, and get results. Actually, it was very good! He had steps for this and steps for that. I filled out my notebooks, many at that time.
Watching a program on TV many years after, there was this little elderly man who was being interviewed on a Christian station. As he started talking and answering questions, I recognized that this was the same guy who had given the prayer seminars many years earlier! When asked by the interviewer how his conferences on prayer were going these days and what all was the latest, this man’s answer was very short and he threw his hands up in the air, and he said this is what it is all about, in 3 words: “Thank You Jesus!” And the interviewer said, “Yes, carry on…” or something like that! But the man said, “that is it!” Out of our hearts of gratitude, we can say “Thank you Jesus!”.
God loves a grateful heart! Any natural father looks for a heart of gratitude in their children, and our Father God does the same! He created us because He loves us, and we love Him in return!
God loves you very, very much!!!

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