Forgiveness, the Key to the Peace that Passes all Understanding

Forgiveness is always an antidote to poisoning. Unforgiveness is poison. Forgiveness is the antidote.
In the Depression of the 1920s and 30s, there lived a family in the South, with five children. They were very, very poor. They picked cotton to make a living. The conditions were: No sanitation, no power, no electricity and all that. No education. The eldest son, being a 20-year-old at that time, had to donate all his earnings, whatever they were, every penny, to his parents, to help feed the family. One day while resentment was building up inside of him, he told his parents he was leaving for the “big city.” When that young man got into the city, he saw all the different lifestyles of education, riches etc. He made friends with a rich family who helped him with some education, and he became involved in a business and was quite successful in it. The young man did not stay in touch with his parents. By this time, his resentment had grown stronger towards them because of all the possibilities and availabilities that he saw there were in the city! He could not get out of his mind why his parents had not given him what these parents of his friends had given their kids. That is what he was mad at. So, he continued on, got married, had a family of his own, and tried to put all his past in the back of his mind as best as he could.
Many years later, while his parents were still alive and old, the resentment came to a boiling point in his life. He decided that he should drive over there to them and really “straighten them out” about the failures they had with him and the family. He was gonna tell them off. The first night on the way there, he stayed in a hotel and God began to speak to Him a couple of words. By the way, this guy was not a religious guy by any means. And the conversation from God was: “What would you have done better than they if you were in that same position?” With that, the young guy had a change of heart. He turned around from his trip and did not go tell his parents off, but went back to his home. The beauty of it, was the Peace of God washed over him when he had that change of heart… he said it was the Peace that passes all understanding and he could not figure it out!! Well, the long story short is this – that this man got in touch with his parents and made everything right. Now, this man had been struck with a disease of some kind, a terminal disease. Also his wife had a disease. They even had a daughter who was disabled. But through all this, the Peace of God was in him, and made a great change in his family. And the relationship changed between him and his parents! This man passed away two years later, but on his deathbed, he kept relating the power of God in his life through forgiveness. And his wife lived many more years and she was the one that tells the story. But God changed the whole thing!
So, the key was one act, he said, it was getting rid of resentment through forgiveness.
In the Lord’s Prayer, Jesus says: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive others.” The key to that is because we are first forgiven ourselves, then we are able to forgive others as He has forgiven us. In accepting Jesus Christ as our saviour, we see how much He has forgiven us, then we are able to forgive others because He has first forgiven us! When we discover the grace of God, how much He forgave us, then we are able to get rid of our resentments through forgiving others.
On our own power and effort, we cannot forgive anything, but when we hear Jesus’s voice (that is what this fellow did – he heard Jesus’s voice) we accept His forgiveness which gets rid of resentment and gives us the power and ability and grace to forgive others. Out of that, the Grace of God gives us the Peace that passes all understanding – we will not explain that one, we can’t!
Today, as He knocks at the door of your heart, let Him in… Let Him speak to you. Have conversation with Him. He will do miracles. God bless you, He is FOR you! He loves you very, very much.
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March 10, 1970

I was 39 years old. I had finished building a new house, living in there with my wife and three little kids. I had lots of work and was doing well, but was totally unhappy and dissatisfied with life. I had quit drinking six years earlier, cold turkey, no more drinking because it was my addiction. That had not solved anything though; I was still angry, fearful, dissatisfied, and wondering what life was all about. And on that very day, March 10, 1970, in the morning, I was at work in Burnaby. I remember I was sitting down on a coffee break, and while having a cigarette and coffee, God was starting to stir me up! It was a little voice that was gentle, just over on one side of my shoulder, and it said “Give everything up and follow me” like your fears and anxieties, but, over on the other shoulder a little voice said “Don’t do that… your whole family, friends, in-laws, parents, would say you are going crazy now.” And then again on the right hand side, the voice said, “No, just follow me and I will give you rest and peace about all this.” Then I sort of thought, ok, but How? Who? I had been around in different religions, listening, trying to be good, and I hated it!!! I felt angry about it all and dissatisfied. I thought that Jesus Christ was a good swear word and a good hippie, who had done a few “tricks” like walking on water, etc. 2000 years ago. But I could not believe that He was God!


So later that day after watching the news at supper time, who comes on TV but Billy Graham! Back then, #1, we had heard at a young age that we weren’t allowed to watch him! Anyway, he made a claim that did not make sense. He said that Jesus Christ is fully God, fully man, who came to earth to redeem us and show us the way! Then Billy went on and invited us to kneel down in front of the television, saying, “If He is knocking at the door of your heart, open the door and let Him in!” At that stage I thought, I have done a lot of foolish things in my life; I might as well try this!


You know what? Answering His knock at the door of my heart and letting Him in was the key to everything! There was no big bang or anything, but a Great Peace started to invade me! This might be hard to believe, but I began to see things differently! I think I was looking through a different lens, towards my wife, my kids, my work, eternity, and it was Forward-Looking!! Now I gotta say this, there has been a lot of living since then. And it has been good. I have a friend in Jesus, which the Bible says in Hebrews 1:3 – “The Son is the radiance of God’s glory and the exact representation of his being, sustaining all things by his powerful word.” He is the perfect God as our Father. Well, He changed my life completely, to this day.


The Bible says when you do that, you become a new creation in Him! My personal relationship with Jesus from that day on, is what sustains me, keeps me and has blessed me not just talking about material things, but with my life, family, friends, it is never ending. It is eternal! I am 86 now. Many times we fail, and I did not become a monk! No need for that! Because when Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for us, it washes away our sins, past, present and future! And Jesus has never left me, and faithful during every step of my life. I see where He was faithful to me even BEFORE that experience that day… and that is because God is love, we are created in His image, and He loves us REGARDLESS! We are chosen before creation!! But then, I guess like it says in John 10:10, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” – the Abundance part is for here now on this planet! And today is my 47th Anniversary! I cannot forget it!


It sounds like He is always knocking at the door of our hearts. Let Him in, talk with Him, enjoy Him! He will tell you how things are done… He has got lots of good promises and a lot of insights and wisdom. He loves you very, very much!!!


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We appreciate you folks sharing this today, because we never know who is sick, sad, dying, neglected, or abandoned, or just needs a word of encouragement. I recommend as you share this word around the globe, on Facebook or wherever, that it may be a miracle for a hurting, suffering person somewhere, to be touched by the love of God, miracles…. will happen.
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Condemnation No More!

Before I became a Christian, before Jesus knocked at the door of my heart and I let Him in, and He became my saviour, Lord and redeemer, I lived a lot of my life under condemnation. If I did not condemn myself because of my sins, misbehaviours or actions, somebody else would do it – anybody in authority, parents, leaders, friends – the enemy would use any one of them. Condemnation brings many forms of disapproval – I could feel left out, isolated, discouraged, guilty.


Condemnation is NOT from God; it comes from the accuser himself, Satan. You know, my Grandma was Irish. The Irish didn’t call the devil “the devil” – they called him “hisself”!! I think they were afraid of him, or they were polite! So they called him “hisself.” But it is true – he is the carrier of condemnation, the accuser! But one definition of “sin” is misbehaving. We live in the world, where misbehaviours are part of life. Now how many times a day, a year or whatever do we misbehave? But we got to remember what the blood of Jesus is for! It washes away EVERY sin, past, present and future! That is the Gospel!


I just want to give a Bible story here – it is about a woman who was caught in the act of adultery by a bunch of religious leaders of the day (this is in John 8:1-11). In those days, if you broke the law, they didn’t take you to court, but they stoned you to death. So this lady was brought in front of Jesus with these guys with stones in their pockets and they said to Him, “Jesus, this woman was caught in the act of adultery today and we are going to stone her to death because that is what the law recommends. What do you say?”
Well, what Jesus did was say, “all right, but let the one who has never sinned throw the first stone!” And those accusers heard this and they started filing out, one by one, the oldest first. In a few minutes they were all gone. And Jesus was left with the woman alone. Then Jesus asked the woman, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?” And the woman said, “No Lord!!” And He said, “Neither do I; now go on your way and sin no more.” Misbehaviour is washed away by the precious Blood of Jesus at the Cross, past, present and future. And the Bible says, you can NEVER be separated from the Love of God –


Romans 8:38
“For I am convinced that neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the present nor the future, nor any powers, neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”


We are freed by the Love of God!! God is love and He created us in His image, so therefore, in His eyes, you are –
very, very important,
and very, very, very loved,
and He cares for you!!


Today, He is knocking at the door of your heart, Let Him in! And enjoy His love,


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Truc de L’ennemi

L’un des tours de l’ennemi nous fait croire que lorsque nous péchons, cela nous sépare de Dieu. Cela ne pourrait JAMAIS arriver à nous, croyants en Jésus Christ, parce que l’œuvre accomplie de la Croix a traité nos péchés une fois pour toutes. La Bible dit que cela ne changera jamais !!!
Nos péchés ou quoi que ce soit dans la vie qui existe ne peut jamais nous séparer de l’amour de Dieu à nouveau! Nous sommes un avec Lui maintenant et rien ne changera jamais …
La Bible dit dans Romains 8: 38 et 39:
«Car je suis convaincu que ni la mort ni la vie, ni les anges, ni les démons, ni le présent, ni le futur, ni les puissances, ni la hauteur, ni la profondeur, ni autre chose dans la création ne pourront JAMAIS nous séparer de l’Amour de Dieu C’est-à-dire en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur.
Quand je suis entré dans ma nouvelle vie chrétienne il y a de nombreuses années, je n’avais jamais lu ni possédé une Bible, alors quand j’en ai eu une, j’ai découvert qu’il y avait 6 000 promesses là-bas, et c’est ainsi que Dieu nous parle, Écrit! Quand je tomberais ou pécherais, je me demandais où Dieu allait; A-t-il disparu quelque part? J’ai perdu le contact avec Lui. Je perdis ma joie, et la dépression s’installe. Alors, je lisais Son mot sur ce que Dieu disait de toute ma situation, et cette écriture de Romains 8 m’a expliqué ce que Dieu était comme; Sur l’Amour du Père qui ne me laisse jamais, quoi qu’il arrive !!!!! Quel soulagement et une liberté que j’ai reçus contre toute condamnation, peur et culpabilité que l’astuce de l’ennemi cause en sachant que Rien ne pourra JAMAIS me séparer de l’Amour de Dieu qui est en Jésus-Christ notre Seigneur !!!
Ne tombez pas dans le piège de l’ennemi.
Jésus frappe à la porte de votre cœur … Laissez-le entrer et il vous parlera. Que Dieu vous bénisse, Il vous aime beaucoup! Nous t’aimons…
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The Power of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a means by which we can keep a clean slate. Growing up in a large family, I had a first-hand chance to experience much of that. Our parents were good, hard workers, and very busy, and raising us kids in the hard times of the Great Depression. It was difficult for them. We kids had many reasons to hold grudges against them, through fears or misunderstanding or resentment when they corrected us or whatever it was. Many people are abused physically or mentally, and have reasons to hold grudges; even after the aggressor or the one who committed the abuse is dead. But the key to restoration and peace in our own hearts is keeping a clean slate by forgiving. My experience with unforgiveness is there is no fear in losing your salvation, but you are losing a lot of joy and peace in your everyday walk in life. Let me share a story from the scriptures, so we can see how a generation of people was able to continue to be the people or the tribe through which our redeemer Jesus Christ came as our Saviour.

Jacob was the leader of the Hebrews, and had many sons. They lived next door to Pharaoh, the leader of Egypt, who they were not best friends with at all. Joseph was the youngest of Jacob’s sons. Jacob loved him very much; I guess he was his pet or favourite.

One day Jacob sent his son Joseph out to the back pasture to check on his brothers who were looking after the herd. They saw the boy coming. They disliked him because their dad liked him more than them! So they said to themselves, “let’s kill this little guy. Let’s take his jacket and soak it in goat’s blood and one of us take it back to our father and tell him a lion killed him.” But instead of killing him, they threw him in a pit. But the father Jacob, seeing the jacket, was crying and in pain.

While Joseph was in the pit, a caravan of Ishmaelite bedouins came along. They pulled Joseph out of the pit, took him to town and sold him as a slave. Now this boy Joseph had many reasons to hold grudges against his dad and his brothers. But the Bible says God was with him! He was sold into the leader’s of Egypt’s household, Potiphar. Now while he was there, many strange things happened to him but at every turn, the Bible says God was with him. He was accused of raping his boss’s wife, which was a lie. Joseph was thrown in prison, and while in prison, it says still, that God was with him! One of the prisoners who was to be released recognized that Joseph could interpret dreams. In the meantime, the leader of the Egyptians, Pharaoh, had a dream: He dreamt 7 fat cows came out of the Nile River, and were eaten by 7 skinny cows on the bank, but Pharoah’s dream interpreters could not decipher that dream! So apparently it was off with their heads!! But the prisoner promised Joseph that he would tell Pharaoh about him, that he was a dream interpreter. Yet it took a while for Joseph to leave prison! Because the released prisoner forgot to tell about him!! Yet, it says God was with Joseph all along!

It appears that Joseph had much time to hold grudges against his dad, brothers and God, like we ourselves get caught in for many years.

Finally, Joseph got out of prison and was brought to Pharaoh and translated Pharaoh’s dream for him. He said the 7 fat cows meant it would be 7 years of gathering much food and storing it for 7 years of famine, which was represented by the 7 skinny cows. Pharaoh was very impressed with Joseph and gave him a chance, putting him in charge of gathering all the food, filling all the granaries, and then came the 7 years of famine. Pharaoh put him second in command from himself, in all of Egypt. I guess God knew it was Joseph’s time to rule!

In the meantime, Joseph’s father Jacob and the Hebrew tribe, the next door neighbours to Egypt, were beginning to starve! Now this tribe was the one that God had chosen for His Son Jesus Christ to appear down the line. Jacob said, “we are going to starve to death and that will be the end of us”. He gathered his sons and said to them in a meeting, “you guys go and plead and beg to the enemy in Egypt for food”. So they were a raggedy-looking crew, the brothers, who went to Egypt, with wagons, camels, donkeys, etc. They saw their brother Joseph who was in charge of the food and granaries, but they did not recognize him as Joseph their brother, who they had chucked in the pit! But Joseph recognized them. I guess his heart was touched seeing them. God was with him when Pharaoh put him in charge of all Egypt, and God was with him there. He could not help himself from crying; he had to go in the other room. These were his brothers!!!!! He made sure they got lots of food to bring back and save the Hebrew people. There was trips back and forth and many details to the rest of the story, but Joseph eventually revealed himself to them as his brother, and they were scared, but he hugged them and reassured them that the Hebrew tribe (of which he was one) would be saved.

Now this is a good story; there are many more details and I recommend everyone to read it (found in Genesis chapter 37 through 47 – you can “Google” it!). I myself am moved greatly every time I read it, seeing God move through forgiveness.

We see God in action as we keep our slate clean by forgiving. How He is able to restore us and through that He brings us peace, which Jesus called the Peace that Passes all Understanding! Forgiveness is a grace of God in our lives, which enables us to move on in life and in His presence, with peace, strength and joy and freedom, and many many more blessings.

I always think that this story of Joseph shows us that God is always present (omnipresent), always powerful (omnipotent) and always knowing (omniscient). And He is always at work in our lives, like Joseph’s! Because He loves us so so so much!!

Jesus came and shed his blood to forgive us our sins, past, present, and future! He knocks at the door of our hearts and as we let Him in, He is the Greatest Forgiver… he forgives us all our sins, and we have the guarantee of eternal life with Him!

Let Him in today, and enjoy Him.

Puissance du Pardon

Le pardon est un moyen par lequel nous pouvons garder une ardoise propre. Ayant grandi dans une grande famille, j’avais une chance de première main l’expérience de beaucoup de cela. Nos parents étaient bons, les travailleurs durs, et très occupé, et nous élever des enfants dans les moments difficiles de la Grande Dépression. Il était difficile pour eux. Nous les enfants avaient de nombreuses raisons de garder rancune contre eux, par crainte ou l’incompréhension ou le ressentiment quand ils nous corrigés ou quoi que ce fût. Beaucoup de gens sont maltraités physiquement ou mentalement, et ont des raisons de tenir rancune; même après l’agresseur ou celui qui a commis l’abus est mort. Mais la clé de la restauration et de la paix dans nos cœurs est de garder une ardoise propre en pardonnant. Mon expérience avec unforgiveness est qu’il n’y a aucune crainte à perdre votre salut, mais vous êtes en train de perdre beaucoup de joie et de paix dans votre marche quotidienne dans la vie. Permettez-moi de partager une histoire des Écritures, afin que nous puissions voir comment une génération de personnes a été en mesure de continuer à être le peuple ou la tribu à travers lequel notre Rédempteur Jésus-Christ est venu comme notre Sauveur.

Jacob était le chef des Hébreux, et a eu beaucoup de fils. Ils vivaient à côté de Pharaon, le leader de l’Egypte, qui ils ne sont pas les meilleurs amis avec du tout. Joseph était le plus jeune des fils de Jacob. Jacob l’aimait beaucoup; Je suppose qu’il était son animal de compagnie ou un favori.

Un jour Jacob envoya son fils Joseph vers le pâturage en arrière pour vérifier ses frères qui étaient à la recherche après le troupeau. Ils ont vu le garçon à venir. Ils ne l’aimaient pas parce que leur père l’aimait plus qu’eux! Donc, ils se sont dit, “nous allons tuer ce petit gars. Jetons sa veste et le tremper dans le sang de chèvre et de nous ramener à notre père et lui dire un lion l’a tué. “Mais au lieu de le tuer, ils l’ont jeté dans une fosse. Mais le père Jacob, voyant la veste, était de pleurer et dans la douleur.

Alors que Joseph était dans la fosse, une caravane de bédouins Ismaélites est venu. Ils ont tiré Joseph de la fosse, l’ont emmené à la ville et l’ont vendu comme esclave. Maintenant, ce garçon Joseph avait de nombreuses raisons de garder rancune contre son père et ses frères. Mais la Bible dit que Dieu était avec lui! Il a été vendu dans le chef de de la maison de l’Egypte, Potiphar. Maintenant, pendant qu’il était là, beaucoup de choses étranges qui lui est arrivé, mais à chaque tour, la Bible dit que Dieu était avec lui. Il a été accusé d’avoir violé la femme de son patron, qui était un mensonge. Joseph a été jeté en prison, et en prison, il dit encore, que Dieu était avec lui! L’un des prisonniers qui devait être libéré reconnu que Joseph pouvait interpréter les rêves. En attendant, le chef des Egyptiens, Pharaon, avait un rêve: Il rêvait 7 vaches grasses sont sortis de la rivière du Nil, et ont été mangés par 7 vaches maigres sur la rive, mais les interprètes de rêve de Pharoah ne pouvait pas déchiffrer ce rêve! Donc, apparemment, il était hors de leurs têtes !! Mais le prisonnier a promis Joseph qu’il dit Pharaon à son sujet, qu’il était un interprète de rêve. Pourtant, il a fallu un certain temps pour Joseph de quitter la prison! Parce que le prisonnier libéré a oublié de parler de lui !! Pourtant, il est dit que Dieu était avec Joseph tout le long!

Il semble que Joseph avait beaucoup de temps pour garder rancune contre son père, frères et Dieu, comme nous nous laisser prendre dans de nombreuses années.

Enfin, Joseph est sorti de prison et a été porté à Pharaon et traduit le rêve de Pharaon pour lui. Il a dit que 7 vaches grasses signifiait qu’il serait 7 ans de collecte de nourriture et de le stocker pendant 7 années de famine, qui a été représentée par les 7 vaches maigres. Pharaon était très impressionné par Joseph et lui a donné une chance, le mettre en charge de recueillir tous les aliments, remplissant tous les greniers, puis venaient les 7 années de famine. Pharaon lui a mis le commandant en second de lui-même, dans toute l’Egypte. Je suppose que Dieu savait qu’il était temps de Joseph à la règle!

En attendant, le père de Joseph Jacob et la tribu hébraïque, les voisins de la porte à côté de l’Egypte, ont commencé à mourir de faim! Maintenant, cette tribu était celui que Dieu avait choisi pour son Fils Jésus-Christ apparaîtra en bas de la ligne. Jacob dit, «nous allons mourir de faim et ce sera la fin de nous.” Il rassembla ses fils et leur dit lors d’une réunion, “les gars aller plaider mendier à l’ennemi en Egypte pour la nourriture”. Ils étaient donc une équipe raggedy prospectifs, les frères, qui est allé en Egypte, avec des wagons, des chameaux, des ânes, etc. Ils ont vu leur frère Joseph qui était en charge de la nourriture et des greniers, mais ils ne le reconnaissent pas comme Joseph leur frère, qui ils avaient jeté dans la fosse! Mais Joseph les reconnut. Je suppose que son cœur a été touché de les voir. Dieu était avec lui quand Pharaon l’a mis en charge de toute l’Egypte, et Dieu était avec lui là-bas. Il ne pouvait pas s’empêcher de pleurer; il devait aller dans l’autre pièce. Ce sont ses frères !!!!! Il a fait en sorte qu’ils ont obtenu beaucoup de nourriture pour ramener et sauver le peuple hébreu. Il y avait des voyages en arrière et beaucoup de détails sur le reste de l’histoire, mais Joseph finit par se révèle à eux comme son frère, et ils avaient peur, mais il les étreint et les a rassurés que la tribu hébraïque (dont il a été l’un) serait sauvé.

Maintenant, cela est une bonne histoire; il y a beaucoup plus de détails et je recommande à tous de le lire (dans Genèse chapitre 37 à 47 – vous pouvez “Google” it!). Je me suis ému beaucoup à chaque fois que je l’ai lu, voir Dieu se déplacer à travers le pardon.

Nous voyons Dieu dans l’action que nous gardons notre table rase en pardonnant. Comment Il est capable de nous restaurer et à travers ce qu’Il nous apporte la paix, que Jésus appelle la paix qui dépasse tout entendement! Le pardon est une grâce de Dieu dans nos vies, ce qui nous permet d’avancer dans la vie et en sa présence, avec la paix, la force et la joie et la liberté, et beaucoup beaucoup plus de bénédictions.

Je pense toujours que cette histoire de Joseph nous montre que Dieu est toujours présent (omniprésent), toujours puissant (puissant) et sachant toujours (omniscient). Et il est toujours à l’œuvre dans nos vies, comme Joseph! Parce qu’il nous aime tellement tellement tellement !!

Jésus est venu et a versé son sang pour nous pardonner nos péchés, passés, présents et futurs! Il frappe à la porte de nos cœurs et comme nous le laissons dans, Il est le plus grand Pardonneur … il nous a tous nos péchés pardonne, et nous avons la garantie de la vie éternelle avec Lui!

Lui Laissez aujourd’hui, et profiter de lui.

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